Our main goal at Punch & Judy is to provide a bilingual/multicultural kindergarten.
Our approach of nurturing a child‘s bilingual language acquisition is based on the principle ‘one person - one language’. Both the English and German languages are given equal importance at Punch & Judy. The teaching responsibilities are shared by native English speaking and native German speaking teachers, who speak only in their mother tongue with the children.


  • Opening times are from 7:30 till 14:30.
  • We also offer afternoon sessions on Monday to Thursday from 14:30 to 16:00.
  • There are maximum 20 children at Punch & Judy
  • 2 meals are eaten together during the day:
    Breakfast: Parents provide their children with a small breakfast. Lunch: A daily ‘hot lunch’ is provided by ‘G¨o;tterspeisen’.
  • Punch & Judy is a parent-run kindergarten and therefore, parents are expected to participate in organising and maintaining the kindergarten and its facilities.
  • A committee is elected once a year, with regular parents evenings.

Fees & Enrolment

  • The monthly fees are currently € 424 for each child. Additionally, € 50 per month have to be paid for the ‘hot lunch’, € 10 per month for the membership and a one-time registration fee of € 50
  • An essential requirement for enrolment is that English is spoken in the family; i.e., the child must be speaking English on a daily basis with a fully fluent parent or guardian.
  • Every child that joins P&J is required to provide proof of up to date vaccination!